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Support. General Conditions.


1. General Conditions
1.1 Copyright
A client is fully responsible for music, texts, programs and other materials (content), which he places in server. Inweb isn’t responsible for information client keeps or distributes.
1.2 Latvian republic legislation.
It is forbidden to keep and to distribute through servers a content, which is in conflict with the LR legislation.
Home page content:   
It is forbidden to place home pages, which contain:
Torrents and other networks of file exchange
Online games
Global banner systems
Crack/hack materials
1.4 Etiquette.
It is inadmissible:         
To send spam by all means, with any programs
To organize doorway’s
To run scripts, resident programs, those facilitate the critical server loading.
Any other activity, which is directed against an equipment and clients.
Breaking attempts, any hacker attacks. administration keeps the right to break rendering of services without the previous warning in the high mentioned cases.