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1 Payment
1.1.Whether is VAT (value added tax) included in your rendered services?
 All prices are specified with 21% VAT.
1.2 I am not a Latvian resident. Whether can I pay for your services without VAT?
In accordance with the Latvian republic legislation, you have to pay VAT, if a services are rendered in LR territory.
1.3 How can I pay for your services?
Payment modes are described in a section payment
1.4 How does the transfer and writing-off of means taken from the personal account?
All the services (virtual hosting, domain registration and s.o.) we render only with pre-pay. You pay a sum; it is transfer on your personal account. From your personal account every day is taken a sum equal with 1/30 from a month hosting fee. If you use additional services, similarly an ordinary pay will be taken for it (1/30 from a monthly fee for selected additional service). If already there is no money on your personal account, your account will be blocked and all services will be turned-off (home pages, ftp accounts, e-mail). Account will restart working and services will renew operating in a complete volume, after transmit of means on your personal account

            After two months, if a payment hasn’t been made, accounts fully will be deleted, including all files, databases and backups of home page, without a restore possibility.
1.6 How does a pay for domain registration taken?
As soon as you’ve ordered a domain, the necessary sum will be reserved for domain registration from your personal account. In a case of registration refuse - money will be reverted on your personal account.
1.7 How does a pay for renew of domain registration taken?
For renew of domain registration a sum is reserved in accordance with the pricelist. In a case of renew refuse - money will be reverted on your personal account.
1.8. How can I look flow of my means in my personal account?
In admin panelenter a menu “My Account” --> “Account Statement”.