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Support. Ftp.

 1 FTP

1.1 How to create FTP account?

In a admin panelenter a menu “Files” --> “Ftp”.
1.2 How can I create FTP account?
The amount of FTP accounts is limited by selected tariff plan.
1.3 What programs can I use for work with Ftp ?
            Far manager
            Total Comander
1.4 How to run these programs for work with Ftp?
Far manger:
1.      Run the Far manager program.
2.      Press ALT+F2, in an opened window choose FTP (press Enter).
3.      Press TAB for cursor transition.
4.      Press Shift+F4 and in an opened dialog window enter:
 Address: ftp://server
Mark with a space: [x] “Ask password every time” and [x] passive mode.
5.      Press “Save”
6.       To connect choose the just created line ftp://server, press “Enter”.
7.      Enter user name and password. Press “OK”. Wait for connection with server.
CuteFtp :
1.      Run the CuteFtp program.
2.      Press “CTRL+N”, in an opened window write:
label :
host address :
3.      Choose “Login method” – normal
4.      Press on bookmark “Type”. Choose “Data connection type “– “USE PASV”
5.      Press “Connect”
6.      Enter ftp user name and password. Wait for connection.
Total Comander :
1.      Run the Total Comander program.
2.      Press “CTRL+F”.
3.      Press “New connection”
4.      Fill in fields:
Session – ftp session name (a willful word).
Host -
Mark with a space [x] Use passive mode.
Press “OK”
5.      In a list “Connect to” a new line has appeared with the ftp session name.
Mark it with cursor and press “Connect”
6.      Enter user name and password.

1.5 Whether you offer anonymous-ftp service?
No, such favour we do not give.
1.6 I am using a maximum number of ftp accounts, how can I increase ftp account number, unchanging the tariff plan?
Yes, you can use account of “Additional ftp account”. Shallow read here.